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tagged by Q

1. my ex is: non-existent :D
2. maybe i should: pay attention in class instead of giving you people more useless information.
3. i love: good coffee, good books, good music and good company.
4. i don’t understand: why we can't let go of fear.
5. i lose: nothing!
6. people say i’m: the voice of reason. i think i'm the voice of reason that nobody listens to.
7. love is: underrated, unconditional and often not what we expect.
8. somewhere, someone is: pooping.
9. i will always: be the voice of reason. haha.
10. i never want to:
11. i think the current US president: became president for a reason.
12. when i wake up in the morning: i wonder why i have to.
13. my past is: full of resentment, bitterness and heartache.
14. i get annoyed when: people are immature and don't use their brains.
15. parties are for: spending time with people you love.
16. my dog is: going to be a german shepard
17. my cat is: going to be black, with green eyes.
18. kisses are the best when: you mean them.
19. tomorrow: will be tuesday.
20. i really want: to travel to my heart's content.
21. i have low tolerance for people who: lie, behave like ill-behaved children and discriminate.

strawberries & watermelons make me happy

this is MINE. muahaha. i love it too much to sell or give away. and as the parts are all i have, there won't be a second one!

14k gold-plated chain, toggle closure. charms from venice.

these violet drops are for valerie! glass beads from australia, gold hoops stolen from an existing necklace and swarovski crystals. lever back hooks.

Hello! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Leave it in the following format if you so wish.

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Thanks a million!

nature's beauty